căutare muzică și instrumente muzicale la cerere "Zoom 505II Multi-Effects Guitar Effect Pedal"

Donner Multi Guitar Effect Pedal Alpha Force 3

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Vand efect chitara, nou, cu alimentator inclus.


Sola Sound Tone Bender MK III Vintage Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal

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Colorsound Sola Sound Tone Bender MK III Vintage Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal - MK3 It works perfectly The price varies on the net to 500 e to 1000 e The Tone Bender fuzz pedals were very popular in the 60s and 70s, used by people such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Yardbirds, The Who, T-Rex, Mick Ronson and many others. Tone Bender (or Tonebender) fuzz pedals have been THE choice for top guitarists in the 60s and 70s such as Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Pete Townshend and Marc Bolan for many years…unfortunately, they went out of production and have been overshadowed by other good (Big Muff) and not as good (Boss FZ) fuzz pedals, which have been more affordable for many years now. Today, acts who use a ColorSound Tone Bender range from Coldplay to The Vines, and even Noel Gallagher is said to have used one on Oasis’ third album, Be Here Now.


BOSS ME-25 Effects Pedal

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Chitara Multi Effects Pedal


DigiTech RP3 Multi Effect Processor chitara

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DigiTech RP3 Multi Effect Processor chitara, Efecte - Wah,Compressor,Distortion,Equalizer,Gate/Swell Mod/Pitch,Chorus,Flanger,Phaser ,Tremolo,Panner,Pitch Shifter,Whammy (bend),Harmony,DualDelay,Reverb.Stare buna,se vinde cu alimentator retea


DigiTech RP90 Multi-Effect Procesor chitara

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DigiTech RP90 Multi-efect pentru chitara . 12 tipuri de amp-uri 8 tipuri de cabinete 6 tipuri de Distorsiuni Stompboxes 32 Efecte Drum Machine w / 40 modele. Procesorul se vinde cu cutie si alimentator retea.Relatii la tel. 724 - arata telefon -


Interfata audio Behringer Guitar Link UCG102 Guitar-to-USB

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De vanzare Interfata audio Behringer Guitar Link UCG102 Guitar-to-USB, in stare buna.


Efect zoom G2

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Efect chitara,Zoom G2,peste 100 deefecte.


Procesor efecte chitara ZOOM 505 II

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procesor efecte chitara ZOOM 505 II , stare foarte buna, se vinde cu alimentator retea


Procesor chitara electrica ZOOM MS 50G -NOU

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Vand procesor chitaraelectrica ZOOM MS50 - NOU LA CUTIE


Procesor Chitara Electro-Acustică ZOOM a 2

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Procesorul este in stare impecabila ! Functionare perfecta 10/10 estetic 9.5 /10 Procesorul nu este insotit de cutie. Functioneaza si cu alimentator cit si cu baterii. NU DORESC SCHIMBURI!


Compressor effect dbx 160 sl limitter

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super misto , folosit cu urme de uzura dar functioneaza minunat , l-as fi pastrat in continuare pt mine daca nu aveam nevoie de bani


Roland Torcido - Distortion Effect (Eurorack)

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Roland Torcido, full box. Alimentare de UK cu adaptor pentru Romania. Accept unele schimburi.


Pedala PALMER Deepressor - effect Bass PEBDP

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Pedala PALMER -roth effects- Deepresor / Compressor - effect for Bass - PEBDP - Pedala se afla in stare foarte buna de functionare si se vinde impreuna cu alimentator de retea .


Tunner bass & guitar it 30

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Produs nou. Predare personala.


Quintus GT Guitar und Bass Tuner

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Quintus GT Guitar und Bass Tuner,provenienta Germania, stare perfecta de functionare ,raspund numai iin cadrul mesageriei olx


Stative chitara ( Guitar Footrest )

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Stative din metal pentru chitara, cadru robust din metal cu opritor pentru 4 inaltimi diferite. Detin 2 buc, pretul este pe bucata, produsele sunt noi, in cutie.


SECO- Guitar bass tuner MT-202

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bass tuner chitara SECO MT-202 ,


Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 100 HRM guitar amp

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FUCHS AMP. Description Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 100 HRM guitar amp in perfect condition, ready to play. Description: 100 watt guitar amp ODS is a full-time effect loop can handle both line level signals pedal. It can be operated in series or parallel modes and continue to live as a Line Out (drive a mixer or audio system) or the line (guitar synthesizer, keyboard, drum machine, etc.). The generous Accutronics 3 Feather Long Decay Reverb Pan used natural hot but detailed coverage. The clean channel and a switch to low-Brite and rock / jazz-switch that changes the tone control. Rock is an aggressive and powerful tone light, lean and audiophile like the Jazz, balanced and smooth. There are passive medium high and low controls. The high-performance control draws an average, the average gain control lug (bypasses the tone controls). The clean channel acts as a pre-amp in the Overdrive channel EQ and volume controls and switches are exceptionally active overdrive deposits, including all increases. The overdrive channel separately OD inputs and outputs. OD was determined by the saturation level of overdrive, while the OD-out controller sets the last balance clean and dirty channels. We have a global Master Volume, Master Reverb Control and Accent brings the presence and live to the final stage. The tube is completely full music tracks (except reverb). Despite the ODS in a controlled high-voltage DC power supply slightest noise, continuous tone and regulated DC voltage fluctuation preamp tube heaters for further noise reduction. These techniques are used to the best audiophile and tube studio equipment, and custom guitar amplifiers. A separate output stage 4 and 8 ohm outputs, AC and standby switch and a detachable IEC power cord and an external fuse. The chassis is made of aircraft aluminum, gold finished Iridite corrosion protection. A combination of point-to-point and PCB design. All tubes are mounted chassis, while the power and output transformers are mounted directly to the body. By using a single-point ground of the amplifier is low and hum at all operating levels. High-performance transformers and audiophile-quality output transformers in standard and customized specifications. It governs Overdrive and mid boost, gain and reverb. Plus optional foot switch artists offer OD, Reverb, Mid and increase Gain and FX Bypass and Mute (Artist Plus). The foot switch is extremely robust clip switch, high-brightness LEDs and a solid steel housing that is powder-coated, and a removable CAT-5 cable. ODS functions 3/4 "solid wood cabinet robust Tolex coating of anodized aluminum, the chassis 3 durable screen print lettering on the back and brushed aluminum casing on the front panel of high-quality clip brand Heber full metal shaft Alpha potentiometers Ultra -long life neon pilot light and heavy AC Schalter. einfache user-configurable to maximize distortion (except 80W, the cathode bias) the OD-tuned rear ports are combo amplifier for bass and projection. NP: € 4800 ODS descriptions size (width x depth x height): head: 18.75 "x 11" x 9.5 " - Flight case For + € 70 (optional) - Transport: Safety . door to door (Cost + € 50) - foot switch incl. Regular 14 day return. Payment: PayPal, bank transfer.


Banjo Guitar Tennessee 6 strings + case

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Tennessee Banjo Guitar 6 loop strings + case


Microfon chitara acustica - Superlux E101DXLR Guitar Microphone

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Superlux E101DXLR Guitar Microphone Tie Clip Condenser Microphone Suitable for Vocal or Instrument The E101 electret condenser microphone is designed for instrument and vocal pick-up. Matched with purpose designed guitar clip to pick up acoustic guitar with natural sound texture. Its cardioid polar pattern can enhance on axis signal and reject sound from the rear. It is suitable for live vocal, drum, and brass sound pick up applications. Mounting accessories are included so that the microphone can be mounted for various uses such as drums, winds, speech, or singing. The E101 is an easy solution for the professional Features Wide and uniform frequency response Background noise suppressed, high gain before feedback E101DXLR includes PS418D preamplifier with 80 Hz HPF Built-in 1.5-meter cable. Application Classical Guitar Acoustic guitar Vocal Brass Percusion Specifications Type: Back electret,Ø9.7 mm (Ø0.38") Polar Pattern: Cardioid Frequency Response: 40-18,000 Hz Model E101 Class Guitar microphone Low Frequency Filter E101DXLR 80Hz, 12 dB/oct/(PS418D) Sensitivity E101TQG -44 dBV/Pa (6.3 mV) E101DXLR Phantom -42 dBV/Pa (7.9 mV); Battery: -47 dBV/Pa (4.5 mV) Output Impedance E101TQG 200 Ω EA0ADXLR Phantom 200 Ω; Battery: 600 Ω Minimun Load Impedance E101TQG 1,000 Ω E101DXLR Phantom 1,000 Ω;Battery:2,000 Ω S/N Ratio 69 dB Equivalent Output Noise 25 dB Max. SPL: Phantom 139 dB SPL Battery: 129 dB SPL Dynamic Range Phantom: 114 dB Battery: 104 dB Power Requirements E101TQG 3~12 V DC Accessories Furnished All models include: spring clip, guitar clip, universal clamp, table clamp, necktie clip, S06 windscreen, E101DXLR equipped with PS418D and 1.5V AA alkaline battery Packaging Colorful outer packaging Superlux E101 Tie Clip Style Condenser Microphone Suitable for Vocal or Instrument Use Inc. PS-418D Power Module. Pretul nu se negociaza` iar propunerile unor diverse schimburi nu ma` avantajeaza`. Predare personala` in Bucuresti In tara` se expediaza` prin Fan Curier cu plata transportului in avans.


UNIKAT! Chitară Midi Guitar Starr Labs Z7S fender Yamaha korg pa

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Acest anunț este dedicat in exclusivitate pentru cunoscători. Unicat în România.Chitara Midi Starr Labs Z7S în stare excepțională, NOUA.Made în USA.Dispune de multiple funcții,meniu, conectare la calculator,bender, intrare pentru pedală de Susțin.Are o mulțime de tonuri interne.Se poate conecta la o orgă sau modul de tonuri si dă toate tonurile din acestea la o calitate excepțională.Practic are posibilități infinite.Se vinde numai cu predare personală și probă împreună cu husă originală,alimentator original, manual de utilizare,controlar și toate cablurile aferente.Ofer gratuit Sintetizator Korg Z3 Made in Japan.Pretul de vânzare în USA a fost 3500 $.Puteti vedea pe Google,sau filmări pe YouTube.Nu trimit prin curier.Detalii prin telefon.Nu răspund la SMS sau mesaje pe OLX.


Chitara acustica jazz manouche - Saga Cigano GJ-10 GYPSY JAZZ GUITAR

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CHITARA JAZZ MANOUCHE - Saga Cigano GJ-10 GYPSY JAZZ GUITAR - PETITE BOUCHE STYLE JAZZ GUITAR Brand: Cigano Model Number: GJ-10 Sound Hole: Oval Fret Neck: 14 Fret Size 15 3/4" Scale Length 680mm Nut Width 1 3/4" Body Depth 3 3/4" Top Sitka Spruce Back and Sides: Asian Rosewood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FVmTjHwgTA + Husa CORDOBA + 1 set corzi "Savarez Argentine 1510MF" (.015, .023, .029, .037, .046 - loop end). Pretul nu se negociaza` iar propunerile unor diverse schimburi nu ma` avantajeaza`. Predare personala` in Bucuresti In tara` se expediaza` prin Fan Curier cu plata transportului in avans.


Guitar Tuner pt acordat chitar - Corg chromatic Tuner CA-30

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Este putin folosit. Il foloseam in tinerete cand foloseam chitara acustica. Merge perfect