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Marshall Footswitch 90010

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Marshall PEDL-90010 2-Button Amplifier Footswitch for MG50FX Combo Used - Excellent+ Condition This 2-way latching footswitch for MG50FX models will allow you to quickly switch between clean:crunch mode and overdrive so you can quickly adapt your sound. Cosmetic and Function Description Chassis: some light scuff marks and scratches can be seen on the top, bottom, and sides; the non-skid pad on the bottom of the pedal is completely intact Footswitches: all move nicely and function flawlessly Jacks and Connectors: the cable and jack are both completely intact Includes: 2-button amplifier footswitch Features 2-button amplifier footswitch Clean:Overdrive left button and Overdrive On/Off right button Stainless steel chassis 20-foot connection cable with 1/4" TS jack


Footswitch amplificator chitara Fender

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footswitch amplificator chitara Fender (Mexic) , stare buna, 2 button switch Channel/reverb For Deluxe / Stage 112, Blues Deville, Roc Pro 700, Performer 650, Champ 25, The Twin (Red Knobs)


Efect zoom G2

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Efect chitara,Zoom G2,peste 100 deefecte.


Procesor efecte chitara ZOOM 505 II

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procesor efecte chitara ZOOM 505 II , stare foarte buna, se vinde cu alimentator retea


Procesor chitara electrica ZOOM MS 50G -NOU

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Vand procesor chitaraelectrica ZOOM MS50 - NOU LA CUTIE


Procesor Chitara Electro-Acustică ZOOM a 2

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Procesorul este in stare impecabila ! Functionare perfecta 10/10 estetic 9.5 /10 Procesorul nu este insotit de cutie. Functioneaza si cu alimentator cit si cu baterii. NU DORESC SCHIMBURI!